What We Do!

We offer a sliding scale rate for each project.

-Mixing/Re-mixing pre-recorded material
-Project Production

We are unable to record new projects at this time, but hope that we can offer that service soon!

What is Project Production?

Many things actually! It can be anything from helping arrange songs or getting ready to record in a studio, to helping navigate the recording studio or even feedback on mixed songs. If you feel like you need help recording your music in a music studio or are unhappy with recordings you have already done, we may be able to help!

Post Production

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford mastering for your songs, we can help you get your songs finished. However, we are not a professional mastering studio. It takes years and years of experience to become a true mastering engineer, not to mention the correct equipment and mastering environment.

We can help with:

Adjusting track volume.
Equalizing tracks for optimized frequency distribution. 
Adjusting stereo width. 
Adding ambience. 
Dynamic range compression or expansion. 
Peak maximizing/limiting.
Album track assembly.